Species: Galalunan
Role: Scientist
Played by: Richard McGonagle
First appearance: Shaman of Fear

Edward is Lance's father, a brilliant Galalunan scientist who disappeared into an experimental rift gate and was presumed dead.



As a child, Edward was friends with the future King of Galaluna and Modula. When they were eight years old, they went on a skiing trip with their families during the Winter Festival.

He went on to become a scientist; according to the King, he was the "greatest scientific mind Galaluna has ever known." Edward invented the Manus armor used by the elite royal guard and was presumably involved in the early development of rift gate technology.

At some point Edward's son Lance was born, although nothing is known about Lance's mother. When Lance was a child, Edward would always come home from the lab and 2:00am and would talk to his son about the things he was inventing. ("Shadows of Youth")

If Lance's visions in "Shaman of Fear" are accurate, he was present when his father stepped through an experimental rift gate. Edward said only that he had to do this, offering no further explanation.

Edward was presumed dead, and a funeral was held. The King gave his eulogy. For a while, Lance believed that his father would return, but he eventually accepted that he was gone. ("Shadows of Youth")

Lance still sometimes wakes up at 2:00am and still keeps a photograph of himself and his father that was stained by mud when Baron attacked him on his first day at the academy.


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