Galactic Guardian Group soldiers

The Galactic Guardian Group (G3) is a covert independent group dedicated to defending the Earth from extraterrestrial threats.



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The hand of G3's unidentified leader

Unidentified leaderEdit

Although the Group ostensibly is led by Solomon, he answers to an as-yet-unidentified higher authority who is hidden away in a darkened room full of machinery. So far the only known characteristics of the leader are his mechanical left hand and the fact that his breathing is labored and possibly aided by a mechanical respirator. ("The Fortress of Deception")


G3 soldiers wear unusual red uniforms with a white scarf and full mask. They carry advanced beam weapons, and have also used other high-tech tools such as jetpacks and guns that fire magnetic bonds used to capture people.


Flying fortress

G3's flying fortress

The Galactic Guardian Group uses technology far more advanced than typical Earth technology. As Octus discovers in "The Fortress of Deception", some of their advanced technology seems to be Galalunan in origin. How they obtained this technology has not yet been revealed.

G3's notable technology includes:

  • A flying/submersible craft armed with a Wave Motion Gun ("Escape to Sherman High")
  • A huge flying fortress, which appears to be their main base of operations
  • Tanks and turrets that use Galalunan beam weapon technology
  • Giant robotic walkers (which are nonetheless dwarfed by Titan) ("The Fortress of Deception")


The G3's mission includes collecting materials of alien origin, which they store in their flying fortress. The items they are known to possess include: