The planet Galaluna


The palace on Galaluna after Modula's attack

Galaluna is a planet distant from Earth and the home of Ilana, Lance and Octus. Once ruled by Ilana's father the King of Galaluna, the planet has been invaded and conquered by the evil General Modula.

Physical characteristicsEdit

Galaluna is similar to Earth in terms of atmosphere, and its inhabitants the Galalunans are quite similar in appearance to humans.



Moon base

Galaluna has three moons of varying size. At least one of them has a Galalunan science outpost that was the scene of an attack just prior to the invasion of Galaluna. This moon resembles Earth's moon, but seems to have a breathable atmosphere. ("Escape from Galaluna")


Heart body mind

Heart, body and mind medallion worn by the King

The Galalunan royal family believes in the philosophy that the heart, mind and body should be united as one, an idea that (probably not coincidentally) is expressed in the formation of the Sym-Bionic Titan.