Species: Galalunan
Played by: Tara Strong
First appearance: Escape to Sherman High

Ilana (also called Princess Ilana) is a Galalunan princess in hiding on Earth. Along with Lance and Octus she is one of the primary characters of Sym-Bionic Titan. She represents the "Heart" aspect of the trio. Ilana is bright and optimistic, but deeply misses her home planet and worries about the fate of her father. A natural leader, she's always ready to rally people behind a cause. Although she was a beloved princess on Galaluna, she is not considered "cool" in high school due to her earnest personality and unique fashion choices.



Ilana was born the daughter of the King of Galaluna. Not much is known about her mother. As a child, she first encountered young Lance at his father Edward's funeral. Ilana asked her father what would happen to the orphaned boy, and he assured her he would be taken care of. Later, Ilana, her father, and General Modula were present at the military academy graduation ceremony, which was interrupted by Lance and Baron fighting each other. ("Shadows of Youth")

Years later, when the Mutraddi invasion of Galaluna occurred, the King sent his daughter to safety through a rift gate to Earth.

Season oneEdit

Upon arriving on Earth, Ilana suggested they blend into human society by going to high school, which is what they discover people their age do. Watching the TV show High School High, Ilana is instantly excited by the dramatic interpersonal relationships pictured, but the reality of attending Sherman High is different. Her declaration of wanting to unite people of different social groups is ridiculed, and she discovers that people with anti-social tendencies are considered "cool," while people with positive attitudes are not.


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