Species: Human
Role: Student
Played by: Will Friedle
First appearance: The Ballad of Scary Mary

"Jason" is a student at Sherman High and a possible love interest for Ilana. He is somewhat nervous and clumsy, and has an interest in astronomy.


Season oneEdit

At the "Scary Mary" party, Ilana met Jason and they took a liking to each other. They did some stargazing, but were interrupted when a Mutraddi ship is detected. Later, Jason went to get a drink for Ilana, but while he was gone the Chameleon Creature took his form and attempted to assassinate Ilana. Lance fought the monster off, leading people to think he was fighting Jason. The real Jason was confused when hearing this. ("The Ballad of Scary Mary")

Jason was playing soccer at the school with Ilana, but when she attempted to pass him the ball, he tripped on it and fell over. Later, Steve Stevens interviewed him, trying to get information about what happened when the blob creatures had attacked the school. ("Disenfranchised")


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