Julius Steel
Species: Human
Role: General, U.S. army
Played by: John DiMaggio
First appearance: Escape to Sherman High

General Julius Steel is a general in the U.S. army, tasked with seeking out and destroying all alien invaders. He sees the Sym-Bionic Titan as an enemy, and is determined to eliminate it, in spite of the evidence that it is helping Earth by fighting against the Mutraddi beasts. Steel also has a rivalry with Solomon and his Galactic Guardian Group, calling them "a joke."


Season oneEdit

General Julius Steel and his troops were first on the scene when Ilana, Lance and Octus crash landed on Earth, and his troops briefly engaged them in battle. After Solomon arrived, he was forced to allow the G3 to recover the alien spaceship. When the Fire Monster attacked the city, he ordered the military to attack it, to no avail. He also did not hesitate to attack Titan as well. ("Escape to Sherman High")

Appearing on a talk show, Steel claimed that both the monsters and Titan were threats to Earth, although most of the public seemingly believed Titan was benevolent. A group of Marines recovered a piece of the Fire Monster's body under General Steel's orders. Steel recklessly experimented on it, ignoring warnings from his scientists and from Solomon. As a result, he accidentally created the Cloud Creature, which he was unable to destroy until Titan took care of it. ("Elephant Logic")

General Steel's troops continued to try to recover alien artifacts, as they went after the wreckage of the giant rocket that brought Tashy 497 to Earth. ("Tashy 497")

Steel later sent Private Steve Stevens to infiltrate Sherman High, believing that the extraterrestrials were hiding out at the school. Learning of the events of "Showdown at Sherman High", the military zeroed in on Ilana, Lance and Newton as suspects. However, Newton used his holograms to trick the General, successfully protecting their secret identity. ("Disenfranchised")


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