King of Galaluna
Species: Galalunan
Played by: John DiMaggio
First appearance: Escape to Sherman High

The King of Galaluna is the deposed former ruler of Galaluna and Ilana's father. He has been referred to only as the King; his name is not yet known. Beyond being a wise and peaceful ruler, he also apparently created Octus and is likely responsible for the invention of the Sym-Bionic Titan.



As a child, the boy who would become the King was friends with Edward and Modula. When they were eight years old, they went on a skiing trip with their families during the Winter Festival.

When Edward disappeared, the King vowed to take care of Edward's young son Lance. He arranged for the boy to enroll in the Galalunan military academy. After Lance and Baron fought in Manus armors and destroyed part of the academy, the King was there to reprimand a defiant Lance, telling him that he expected more of him, but what he didn't know was that Baron was the one responsible for the fight and the destruction of the academy in the first place and Lance fought back in self defense and was actually innocent. The king not listening or believing Lance will have consequences as he was one of the main factors in turning Lance cold and isolated from people and when he tries to warn the king about the invasion on Galaluna. ("Shadows of Youth")

At some point later, the King was present at a battle on the Mutraddi homeworld, where General Modula was thought to have been killed in an explosion. The King barely escaped alive. ("Escape to Sherman High")

Season oneEdit

The King had apparently just finished creating Octus when the Mutraddi armada invaded Galaluna. When Lance saved him and Ilana from a Mutraddi ambush in the palace, after locking him away thinking he was lying to cover up his own irresponsible actions, the King realized he was wrong about Lance and that he was telling the truth and began to feel guilty for how he treated him all those years. Beofre he and Ilana departed, he told Lance that he'd really did live up to his father's legacy and that he was proud. He gave Lance the wrist communicator he uses to activate his Manus armor and sent him, Octus and Ilana to safety in a spacecraft. The King had recently perfected rift gate technology, which he used to send the ship to the distant planet Earth. ("Escape from Galaluna")


The King captured

Captured and held prisoner by Mutraddi beasts, the King was shocked to discover that his formerly trusted general Modula was behind the invasion. Modula scanned the King's memories, and discovered the existence of the gate. ("Escape to Sherman High")

Later, Modula had the creature Xeexi try to extract more information from the King, who was still being held in chains. He learned that two others were with Ilana, and thanks to Xeexi's later mission on Earth, Modula revealed to the shocked King that he knew of the Titan's existence. ("The Phantom Ninja")



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