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This is a list of the Mutraddi featured in Sym-Bionic Titan.

Primary enemiesEdit

These are the Mutraddi monsters that battled the Titan:

Fire Monster
Type: Mega-beast
Appeared in "Escape to Sherman High"
Fire Monster
Robot Hydra
Type: Giant robot
Appeared in "Neighbors in Disguise"
Cloud Creature
Type: Giant cloud
Appeared in "Elephant Logic"
The Cloud Creature was unique in that it was not sent by General Modula. Instead it was the accidental result of General Julius Steel experimenting on an inert piece of the Fire Creature's remains, which his soldiers had recovered from its underwater resting place. After blasting it with a nuclear-powered laser in an attempt to cut it open, a wisp of smoke emerged, unnoticed by the scientists. Within a few hours, it grew into a swirling column of smoke that demolished anything that came into contact with it. Titan destroyed it by flying into its center, opening its armor to absorb massive amounts of energy, then releasing that energy in an omnidirectional blast.
Abilities: Can absorb external energy to grow, fires destructive energy bolts
Type: Intelligence agent
Appeared in "The Phantom Ninja"
Main article: Xeexi

Abilities: Can enter a humanoid's body through the mouth, to torture and extract information. Possesses a spacecraft and tracking and surveillance technology.

Long-Limb Creature
Type: Mega-beast
Appeared in "Roar of the White Dragon"
Dark Shaman
Type: Psychological warfare agent
Appeared in "Shaman of Fear"
Dark Shaman
Blob Creature
Type: Mega-beast
Appeared in "Showdown at Sherman High"
Tashy 497
Type: Living bomb
Appeared in "Tashy 497"
Electric Creature
Type: Mega-beast
Appeared in "Lessons in Love"
Chameleon Creature
Type: Infiltration agent
Appeared in "The Ballad of Scary Mary"
Type: Infiltration agent
Appeared in "The Demon Within"
Bat Creature
Type: Mega-beast
Appeared in "I Am Octus"
Dragon Creature
Type: Mega-beast
Appeared in "Disenfranchised"
Fast Creature
Type: Mega-beast
Appeared in "Under the Three Moons"
Energy Creature
Type: Unknown, energy
Appeared in "A Family Crisis"
Horned Creature
Type: Mega-beast
Appeared in "The Steel Foe"
Triple Creatures
Type: Mega-beast
Appeared in "A New Beginning"

General ModulaKingSolomonJulius SteelEdward
List of minor characters
List of Mutraddi creatures

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