The following is the list of episodes of Sym-Bionic Titan.

Season oneEdit

The first season contains 20 episodes and premiered on Cartoon Network in September 2010. All episodes are directed by Genndy Tartakovsky.

NOTE: Some sources list episodes 12 to 20 as "season two," however it is believed that the first twenty episodes were produced together, and it is more accurate to refer to all twenty as comprising season one.

# Image Title Written by Original air date
1 Escape1 "Escape to Sherman High" Bryan Andrews
Paul Rudish
Genndy Tartakovsky
September 17, 2010

Lance, Ilana, and Octus crash-land on Earth and go into hiding as students at Sherman High School. Facing a Mutraddi fire monster sent by the evil General Modula, they discover they can form Titan, a cybernetic giant.

2 Neighbors "Neighbors in Disguise" Darrick Bachman September 24, 2010
Disguised as the Lunis family, Lance, Ilana, and Octus buy a house. Octus deals with their energetic divorcée neighbor Barb, and Lance and Ilana run into trouble at the mall. Meanwhile, General Modula sends a giant robotic hydra to Earth to track them down.
3 Elephant2 "Elephant Logic" Ricardo Delgato
Genndy Tartakovsky
October 1, 2010
Lance and Ilana bicker, sending Titan out of control, and Octus turns to children's television to learn how to reconcile the pair. Meanwhile, a reckless experiment ordered by General Steel creates a Mutraddi cloud creature.
4 Phantom "The Phantom Ninja" Darrick Bachman October 8, 2010
As Ilana tries to rally the school around healthier food, Lance grows tired of his mundane life at school and moonlights as a vigilante that the press calls the "Phantom Ninja." Modula sends an alien spy named Xeexi to discover how Ilana has managed to defeat his previous Mutraddi beasts.
5 Roar "Roar of the White Dragon" Mitch Larson October 15, 2010
Lance competes against an illegal street racing gang led by the "White Dragon," but runs into complications when Ilana insists he needs a driver's license.
6 Shaman "Shaman of Fear" Genndy Tartakovsky October 22, 2010
A dark shaman infiltrates the Lunis house and attacks Lance and Ilana with visions of their deepest fears.
7 Showdown "Showdown at Sherman High" Darrick Bachman October 29, 2010
A blob monster engulfs Sherman High, leaving Ilana, Lance, Octus and the other students trapped inside.
8 Shadows "Shadows of Youth" Paul Dini November 5, 2010
As a young orphan, Lance is sent to Galaluna's royal military academy, where he excels in combat training and enters into a bitter rivalry with an entitled bully named Baron.
9 Tashy screen "Tashy 497" Genndy Tartakovsky November 12, 2010
Modula sends the most feared creature on Mutradd to Earth, but Ilana and Lance become emotionally attached to the cute creature before learning that it is a living bomb.
10 Lessons "Lessons in Love" Darrick Bachman November 19, 2010
While Newton helps Kimmy with a geometry test, an electric monster starts draining power from the city and leaves Lance and Ilana unable to activate their armor.
11 Fortress "The Fortress of Deception" Mitch Larson December 3, 2010
Lance and Ilana are abducted by Solomon and are taken to the Galactic Guardian Group's flying fortress.
12 Ballad "The Ballad of Scary Mary" Darrick Bachman February 2, 2011
Ilana, Lance, Newton and Kimmy attend a "Scary Mary" party in the woods, where they meet new friends and a rival. However, the party gets scarier when a shapeshifting Mutraddi assassin attacks.
13 Demon "The Demon Within" Don Shank February 9, 2011
Investigating a landing site in a swamp, Ilana becomes infected by a Mutraddi creature with the power to transform its victims.
14 I Am Octus "I Am Octus" J. M. DeMatteis February 16, 2011
When an ultrasonic signal from a Mutraddi creature paralyzes every living thing on Earth, Octus alone must defeat it.
15 Disenfranchised "Disenfranchised" James Gomez March 2, 2011
Lance learns to play guitar; General Steel sends a spy to Sherman High.
16 Escape from Galaluna "Escape from Galaluna" Bryan Andrews
Mitch Larson
March 9, 2011
The group's departure from Galaluna is recalled.
17 Under the Three Moons "Under the Three Moons" Darrick Bachman March 16, 2011
Ilana helps plan the homecoming dance, inspired by her memories of Galaluna's Winter Festival.
18 Family Crisis "A Family Crisis" Genndy Tartakovsky March 26, 2011
The team responds to a distress call from Solomon, and Octus makes a big sacrifice.
19 Steel Foe "The Steel Foe" Darrick Bachman April 2, 2011
Octus is still deactivated, and Lance and Ilana go on the run. Meanwhile General Steel assembles his own giant robot.
20 New Beginning "A New Beginning" Darrick Bachman April 9, 2011
As General Steel leads an attack on G3, three deadly monsters attack the Earth's cities.