Species: Human
Role: Student, football player
Played by: Bill Fagerbakke
First appearance: Showdown at Sherman High

"Meat" is a student and football player at Sherman High who befriends Newton, Octus's human persona. Meat is playful and dim-witted, and often refers to himself in the third person.


Season oneEdit

Meat was in biology class asking if anyone wanted to see him a drink a jar of formaldehyde with a frog in it when the Blob Creature attacked the school. Meat later witnessed Newton using his "robot thumb" to input the cell phone code used to destroy the monster. After the crisis was over, he was apparently the only one who realized that Newton saved the school and declared him to be a hero. ("Showdown at Sherman High")

When Newton was at the "Scary Mary" party, Meat challenged him to chugging and belching contests, during which Meat declared himself "Burpenstein." However, Newton won both contests using his robot powers. Later, Meat danced the "robot" with Newton, Kimmy and her friends. ("The Ballad of Scary Mary")

Meat was interviewed by Steve Stevens and revealed that Newton had been involved in saving the school during the Blob Creature's attack. He was asked how Newton was related to Lance and Ilana, but he couldn't figure it out. ("Disenfranchised")


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