Species: Galalunan
Role: General, conqueror of Galaluna
Played by: Don Leslie
First appearance: Escape to Sherman High

General Modula is the evil conqueror of Galaluna and leader of the Mutraddi beasts. Bent on crushing any popular uprising against him, he is determined to assassinate Princess Ilana, the last heir to the Galalunan throne.



As a child, Modula was friends with Edward and the boy who would later become the King of Galaluna. When they were eight years old, they went on a skiing trip with their families during the Winter Festival. ("Shadows of Youth")

Modula became a general and a war hero of the Galalunan military. He and the King helped place Lance in the royal military academy after his father Edward disappeared. He was present at the graduation ceremony, where he broke up the fight between Lance and Baron by disabling the Manus armors they were piloting. At the time, he appeared to be a wise and trusted soldier, giving no indication of the villain he would become. ("Shadows of Youth")

At some point later, General Modula and the King were engaged in a battle with the Mutraddi. Thought dead after being caught in an explosion, Modula was stranded on their planet Mutradd and somehow gained the power to control the beasts. Seething with anger over having been left behind and feeling he had been betrayed by the King, he gathered a Mutraddi army and invaded his former home planet. ("Escape to Sherman High")

Season oneEdit

General Modula seized control of the royal palace of Galaluna and imprisoned the King, but not before Ilana safely escaped through a rift gate. Modula used his mind-reading powers to learn of the gate, and used it to send a Mutraddi beast to Earth in pursuit. ("Escape to Sherman High") When one beast after another failed, Modula sent a series of ever more powerful and devious invaders.

Modula commands scientists on Mutradd, whom he uses to find and transport the deadly beasts. When another beast failed, Modula vaporized Duraak, the scientist in charge. ("Tashy 497")


Modula has the ability to read a person's memories, using a beam that emanates from a green eye symbol on his hat. The eye also glows when he is commanding Mutraddi beasts to do his bidding, suggesting that it is the source of his power to control them. It can also release a blast of energy to instantly vaporize an enemy. As a warrior, Modula has exceptional strength and speed, as demonstrated when he effortlessly defeated a squad of Galalunan rebels in hand-to-hand combat. ("Neighbors in Disguise")


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