Species: Bio-cybernetic robot
Played by: Brian Posehn
First appearance: Escape to Sherman High

Octus is an advanced bio-cybernetic robot sent to Earth from Galaluna to accompany Ilana and Lance. He is one of the primary characters of Sym-Bionic Titan.

Octus usually uses his robot form when fighting and transforming into Titan. However, when interacting with human society, he regularly uses two disguises he generates from his holographic matrix: Newton and Mr. Lunis.


Season oneEdit

Octus was created by the King of Galaluna just prior to Galaluna's invasion by the Mutraddi. The King activated Octus as part of his emergency escape plan, sending him through the rift gate with Ilana and Lance. ("Escape from Galaluna") When Octus used his force field shell to move Ilana to safety, she was surprised by his abilities, noting that he is not the kind of robot she's familiar with. Octus was not even aware that he had the sym-bionic protocol in his programming until it activated the first time. ("Escape to Sherman High")




Newton is Octus's disguise as a high school student, which he uses to accompany Lance and Ilana to school. Octus chose the name as tribute to Isaac Newton, whom he calls one of Earth's finest minds. It's not clear whether the Newton persona is part of the Lunis family, although in "Lessons in Love" it seems to be common knowledge that he lives in the same house as Ilana and Lance.

Newton becomes friends with a jock called "Meat" after Meat witnesses him help to save the school in "Showdown at Sherman High". Later, Newton helps Kimmy with a math test she had previously failed. Kimmy falls in love with him because he is the only person in her life to encourage her in academic pursuits and care about her feelings. ("Lessons in Love") The two begin dating, but Lance and Ilana worry that the relationship is not healthy, given that Octus is a robot and supposedly can't fall in love. However, he responds that he feels happiness when he is with her. ("The Ballad of Scary Mary")


Mr. Lunis

Mr. LunisEdit

Mr. Lunis or Dad is the hologram form Octus usually takes when at home or driving the family car. Mr. Lunis has to deal with their nosy neighbor Barb who has taken a liking to him. ("Neighbors in Disguise")


Octus has an advanced cybernetic brain that allows him to perform scientific and mathematical calculations at superhuman levels. He has sensors that can scan lifeforms and detect when a rift gate opens. Octus effortlessly interfaces with electronics such as cellular phones and can display television programs on his chest.

Octus can fly and run with incredible speed and can fire energy bolts. Octus can extend and change the shape of his force field shell and can create force bubbles to transport others. By initiating the sym-bionic defense protocol, he can form the Titan with Ilana and Lance.

Octus can also generate a network of floating computer spheres which he apparently uses when performing complex astrophysical analysis or operations.


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