General Modula activates the rift gate on Galaluna


The prototype rift gate seen in "Shaman of Fear"

Rift gate technology allows instantaneous travel between distant worlds. Rift gates are opened by large generator devices and appear as a white tear in space that opens momentarily.


Lance's father Edward worked on an early version of the rift gate technology on Galaluna. Without explanation, he stepped through an experimental rift gate. He disappeared and was presumed dead. ("Shaman of Fear")

By the time the series begins, the King of Galaluna has perfected rift gate technology, and has a rift gate generator in or near his palace on Galaluna. When General Modula attacked, the King sent his daughter Ilana, Lance and Octus to safety through the rift gate to a distant planet called Earth. Modula found out about the device, and started using it to send Mutraddi beasts to Earth. ("Escape to Sherman High")

Modula's scientists also have a rift gate generator on Mutradd, presumably built or moved there after he found the generator on Galaluna. ("Tashy 497")