Sherman High

Sherman High School

Sherman, Illinois is the town featured prominently in Sym-Bionic Titan and home of Ilana, Lance, Octus and their school Sherman High.

Production notesEdit

  • Confirmation that the town is in Illinois comes from an official plot summary released by Cartoon Network. It was later confirmed in the show itself on Lance's driver's license in "Roar of the White Dragon".
  • Although there is a real Sherman, Illinois it's more likely that the town in Sym-Bionic Titan is inspired by the fictional town Shermer, Illinois which was the setting of many films by John Hughes. In interviews, creator Genndy Tartakovksy has cited Hughes' movies Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club as inspirations for the high school parts of the show.[1] Further, Shermer in Hughes' movies is based on Northbrook, Illinois, an affluent North Shore suburb of Chicago. Sherman as depicted in Sym-Bionic Titan is consistent with these suburbs, being near a large urban center (presumably Chicago) and a large body of water (presumably Lake Michigan).
    • The zip code on Lance's driver's license in "Roar of the White Dragon" is 60626, which corresponds to Chicago, Illinois. It may be a reference to 60062, the zip code of Shermer, Illinois seen in The Breakfast Club.